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Moving Target: Mobile Consumers and the New Mobile Marketing Imperatives for Brands, Ad Agencies, and Media Companies

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Leveraging Today’s Turnkey Mobile Marketing Solutions to Increase Market Share and Profits for:
  • Brands
  • Ad Agencies
  • Radio Stations
  • TV Stations
  • Print Media
  • Out of Home (OOH) Networks
  • Captive Audience Networks
Abstract:  Savvy ad agencies and traditional media companies are already increasing profits and gaining market share by offering a new breed of turnkey, private-labelled mobile marketing solutions to even their smallest clients. They recognize that SMS and mobile websites can do for traditional media investments what the web does for digital media - potentially with more powerful results. How? The mobile phone is the ultimate direct-response mechanism found in the pocket of every consumer. A mobile call-to-action activates otherwise static forms of media. Nearly 100% of phones today support SMS (text messaging) and 39% of US subscribers already access the Internet via their mobile phones. Unencumbered from PCs, mobile consumers respond to an ad's call-to-action immediately, at the moment of peak emotional interest.

In addition, while digital marketing budgets are rising, traditional media today remains the much larger slice of the advertising pie. Therefore, traditional media, with its ability to attract large numbers of "eyeballs," provides tremendous discovery and distribution of mobile applications -- the key to reaching a broad mobile audience.

Mobile marketing is not about browsing. It's about activating traditional advertising investments to generate incremental returns with a direct and segmented link between traditional media and a mobile call-to-action.

IR Strategy: Why You Need a Mobile Website Now

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Abstract:  Why is a mobile website critical to your IR strategy? For starters, desktop websites don’t work on mobile phones. In a world where 40%+ of consumers and 80%+ of corporate decision-makers access the Internet via their mobile phones, that’s a big problem. Fortunately, the problem can be solved with a mobile-optimized website. Capable of delivering facts, images, and videos via mobile phones, a mobile website not only makes your story accessible to a target audience that it constantly consuming information on-the-go, but it also enables your management and IR teams to use their mobile phones as powerful multimedia presentation devices that can help to stir interest and close deals.

But creating a mobile website is highly complex. In addition to your desktop website, you need a separate, mobile-formatted website with:
  • A device recognition platform that identifies 5000+ unique mobile phone models
  • A dynamic mobile website rendering platform that delivers proper screen size and functionality for each requesting device
  • Mobile multimedia trans-coding systems
  • Mobile streaming media servers for dissemination of audio and video content via mobile devices
You must also decide which content from your desktop website should be included on your mobile website based on your evaluation of what content is most relevant to the mobile user.

Done properly, a mobile website injects new value into your IR strategy by delivering on-demand information about your company that can be shared and consumed anytime, anywhere. A mobile website to delivers a serious competitive advantage and savvy executives and IR professionals who recognize this will reap the rewards.

  "Mobilizing media and brands
  is our core business...
  Nobody does it better."

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